My Trip to the Duke Lemur Center

For my birthday this year I decided to do something that interests me, instead of a party or something. I decided to go to the Duke Lemur Center as a present to myself. I have an interest in endangered animals, so a trip to a sanctuary and research facility to an endangered species is right down my alley.

The Duke Lemur Center is a part of Duke University and is located in Durham, North Carolina. I live about 2 hours from Durham, so It was perfect for a day trip. You have to make reservations two weeks earlier for your tour, and the tour is a little bit over an hour. The center helps conserve the Madagascar native species. They have breeding programs, research studies, and even go over seas to educate the people of Madagascar on the conservation of their native species.

It’s definitely worth the visit. You aren’t allowed to touch the lemurs though, it’s for their safety from any germs we may be carrying into the center. Just in case someone is bummed that they can’t hold a Zooboomafoo. In fact, Jovian, the actual Zooboomafoo lemur was a past resident at the Duke Lemur Center. Unfortunately, he died last November at the age of 20. I missed seeing him by 5 months. We share the same birthday! April 10th. That would have been something to see him on our birthday’s; especially, since I was a huge fan of his show as a kid. Although I didn’t get to see Jovian, I did get to see his granddaughter.

Here are some pictures from my visit. There are a lot of Coquerel’s sifaka‘s, because they were being so photogenic and playful. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry.

Coquerel's sifaka
Coquerel’s sifaka

Coquerel's sifaka


Coquerel's sifaka


Blued eyed black lemur
Blue eyed black lemur

DLC16 - Edited

Ring tailed lemur
Ring tailed lemur
Red ruffed lemur
Red ruffed lemur
Crowned lemurs
Crowned lemur
The sign outside the gift shop
The sign outside the gift shop

For information on the Duke Lemur Center visit: 


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