Oh, the Stuff you Find in your Car!

I was looking for something to write on in my car while I was at work and found a piece of paper under my seat. It was a poem I had written for an English class from 3 semesters ago, although what’s crazy is I threw out all my English notebooks and papers I found left in my car over a month ago. I don’t remember writing it, although I do remember an “I Am” poem assignment from that semester. A heads up, it doesn’t completely make sense, but here it is-

I am

I wonder why I ever felt alone

I hear my name being called out in the distance

I see

I want to be adored

I am

I pretend like I don’t mind

I feel lost within myself

I touch

I worry I’ll never find myself in this world

I cry

I am

I understand everyone has weakness, that everyone is human

I say don’t get lost in the crowd

I dream of you

I try to find my place

(verse torn off)

I am


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