My Battle About Existence

Does one person really matter?

Do you ever wonder if people actually say what they mean?

There is no way to feel how others feel about you deep inside, nor is there any way to measure one person’s feelings

So are they actually there if you can’t feel them physically for yourself?

Everyone perceives the world differently

How differently is my reality from yours?

What is existence really and what does it mean to exist?

What makes reality actual?

What runs the clock gears in the universe that controls our time?

So many questions that will stay within the darkness of the unknown

We are really just all alone with ourselves

sure we can interact with others, but when it comes down to it we can’t share our thoughts in the depths of our mind unless outwardly spoken

The make up of our mind, our being, aren’t physically tangible to us, but they are our own

We alone control our mind, our lives, our perception, and our existence

We are alone against this world; alone in this universe

Left alone to survive among humanity, alone in the crowd

And at the end of the day, alone in our minds


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