A Odd New Hobby: Birdhouse in Your Soul

It all started early last month when I was looking for a birthday present for my impossible-to-buy-for dad.

He loves like readers digest books and music to the point where he has to make-up shelve systems to store them them all. As you can imagine, he already has every book or CD that he’d want and could get him, so I had to be creative. I decided to make him something instead of picking him something up at the record store risking him already having it. In the craft aisle I found a bunch of plain birdhouses so I decided to paint him one, thinking it was cool and super random. I painted him the one with the sun and moon with the day/night sky.

After finishing I decided I was going to make my grandmother one as well for Christmas. I ended up making her two (the sunflower, and yellow and turquoise patterned) because my mom asked me to paint her one to give her as well. I just kept making them as various presents for friends and family members. My personal favorite is the one I painted like a mushroom because of its shape. I have painted 5 of those so far because they are the easiest to make. I have 5 birdhouses I am currently working on now. Such a random, but strangely unique hobby. (Birdhouse in Your Soul is a reference to the band They Might be Giants by-the-way)


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