Been a While…Back to Posting (Unintentional Rant on why I Hate Facebook)

Hello all,

Still here, just had gotten busy with school & life overall. My blogging had to be put on the back burner. To be honest, I always was a bit effy about sharing my personal thoughts, art, photography to the public. This is pretty much my only form of social media I have, I do not have a facebook, because I believe the way we have evolved in how we connect with one another has become toxic. I mean, it can’t be healthy to always know what everyone is up to, or exactly everybody who somebody knows… Rant starts here

Think about it in a relationship sense…You have the ability to see every single female your boyfriend knows or is “friends” with on facebook. And some of them have these over-sexified photoshopped profile pictures, then the insecurities start flooding in..”How does he know her?”, “Is this his ex-girlfriend?”, “Is this someone he has slept with!?!”, and so on. This applies to guys too, with the shirtless ab mirror selfies being a popular profile picture for men  boys. Your boyfriend’s mind might wander in the same way.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the instant access to the person your dating’s past! Some people don’t delete those ex from last years pictures. You creep a little bit too far you just might see your lover with their stupid ex…and those images just can’t be erased or unseen! Now you know what their ex’s face looks like and now you start to get these evil horrific images in your head of your sweetheart with their ex…More frightening than a terrible horror movie!

Putting the potential for unnecessary relationship insecurities aside, the damn site can cause people to compare their lives to others constantly, which can cause depression (comparing yourself to others is just setting yourself up for disappointments), cause you to have insecurities about your body/face/complexion/skin color/life/car/house/cat/etc., and cause feelings of your life being less than those people who overshare those vacation pictures (I mean, you haven’t been on a vacation in so long! They must be doing super well, better off than you!).

Also people can become TOO connected to the site. If I could count how many people I see checking their facebooks on their devices daily…At school, at the store, at friend’s houses, in my kitchen… (my mom is one of these facebook crazers). Anyways, my point is I don’t see this constant connection revolution going anywhere remotely healthy…I just see drama, unnecessary insecurities/depression, break-ups, divorce…(you know those old couples that have been together for 35-50 years?  They didn’t have constant communication,  had to call each other on the telephone landline with the squiggly cord, didn’t text each other every 20 mins, valued the time they spent together because they weren’t together/connected to each other 24-7, space is important in a healthy relationship, oh, and also these people didn’t have facebooks!)

To those of you pro-facebookers out there reading this post- 

This is my personal opinion, I’m not trying to say it’s wrong or anything. I totally get why it would be a positive thing. My mom uses it because she went to High School in another state and can connect with her old friend’s, also her sister lives in West Virginia, and we have many other family members that live elsewhere. However; there are so many people out there that over-use this like my mom (she uses up every second of her free time on it, it’s sad).

anti facebook logo 03My advice is: Go out and enjoy real life, life is short!

This cyber universe we have created is super handy with connecting with people whom we can’t see on the reg, but it shouldn’t be used to the point of being unhealthy. Enjoy the world around you without having to share it with everyone you know, trust me, a device constantly in hand can dim the experience. This is your life after all, remember that, it doesn’t matter if your best friend from 3rd grade knows you ate at IHOP today…You were there, you ate a meal, and you enjoyed it..It was your experience to be had.

In the end you are the only person that should matter. Not the 300+ people you call “friends” in cyber universe.

   Getting back to my original point before my anti-social media rant

I have these pictures, art, personal opinions, that I shouldn’t just keep to myself because of my opinions on the cyber world, anyways; what’s the point if I have this creativity if nobody sees them?





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