A Trip to the Fair: Follow me into the Chaos

If you look back in my blog, you’ll see I like to take pictures. Every year I go to the North Carolina State-fair, and for the last two years, I started taking my camera . Sometimes when I take pictures, there is something in particular that I intend to capture. With the fair or crowd setting I like to capture the chaos and over-stimulation of it all. Like a school of fish, a herd of buffalo, a colony of ants, a pack of wolves. Anyways, here’s the best of the 2014 and 2015 NC State-fair in Raleigh, North Carolina.

NC State Fair 2014 

Very few pictures from this year. Camera died early on in the day.DSCN0011DSCN0020DSCN0012DSCN0014DSCN0013DSCN0015DSCN0018


NC State Fair 2015

Follow me into the chaos…2016-02-07_12.12.04DSCN1280DSCN1009DSCN1013DSCN10082016-02-07_12.06.48DSCN0996DSCN1000DSCN1221DSCN0901

Street clonesDSCN1268DSCN1270DSCN1212DSCN1090DSCN1080DSCN1074DSCN0987DSCN0910DSCN0906DSCN0963DSCN0969DSCN0917DSCN0874DSCN0904DSCN0905DSCN0957

The Rides, Refreshments, and Livestock2016-02-07_11.48.222016-02-07_11.56.59DSCN1040DSCN1056DSCN0982DSCN1098DSCN0975DSCN0911DSCN0946DSCN0936DSCN0921DSCN0879DSCN0852DSCN0848DSCN0846DSCN0866

Walking into the sun


Alone in the crowdDSCN1256DSCN1215




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