News Flash! Site Update

I made a few new features and categories, now let’s see how well I will be at keeping them up! I’ve tried the “(blabbity blab) of the week” thing before but I got lazy. These will be less strict then a week/month thing. Can’t do it, I forfeit!

The hardest thing for me and the categories is I think so complexly with it. I used to have comedy ones like, “pointing my camera at stuff” for the photography, and “alien slime” for random posts. All I kept of that was in the Extinction category, “RIP Dinosaurs”.  I wish I had simple categories but let’s face it, it’s me and I tend to make everything complex!

Anyways some of these categories are empty because I’m working on posts for those currently, and decided to edit them all together instead of add them in later, and also editing my menu was that much of a pain in the ass!

Anyways the new features that are currently empty are:

  • My views on… – Each post will have a different topic that you unfortunately have to read me blab about my opinions on.
  • Songs you Should Know- Self explanatory. Sometimes I am listening to music in my car and thinking this song is so great! More people should know about this!
  • In Hindsight- Ever look back at someone you dated and wonder why you even dated them in the first place? I’m going to look back at stuff in my life I wish I had handled differently…In hindsight of course.
  • Random Junk- I am going to pick a random thing each post and talk about what it reminds me of. Alot will go back to childhood so I put it in the nostalgia category.
  • OldSchoolCool- Alot like Random Junk, but more along the lines of nostalgia with the chosen items to talk about.

Stay tuned…

Update: It is 3 months later and I only have gotten to three of these and have taken some categories down. It was getting too cluttery! Well, I had good intentions! Too many things not enough time.


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