Disaster Date #2: Me and Scratchy McGee

He Thought(hoped) it was a Date…but I Didn’t.

Let me just start this one off with poor guy! It all started when he over heard me tell my friends that I was recently broken up with and he jumped to the opportunity instantly, less than 2 minutes later he asks me if I want to go to a concert. Put on the spot, I was like uh…okay (I can’t resist going to concerts, just putting that out there). He was super stoked on it while I felt super weird about it, but my thinking was if hanging is lame I’ll be at concert, and if it’s uncomfortable he said he was going with several friends so I could talk to someone else if I need to, so I thought…

That night he texted me ALOT. I was like “ugh” every time my phone went off, but I think since I just recently got broken up with I enjoyed the company even if it wasn’t exactly wanted. I eventually stopped texting back after I was like “doh” he’ll stop if I stop responding…hopefully.

In hindsight: I should politely told him NO!

He kept asking me date-like things, like wanting to pick me up and maybe going out to eat out before. I straight up told him those things were too datey and I was repulsed by anything close to a date at the moment, or something along those lines. I even asked him who else was going and he named like four other people. The more the better, I thought. The next day I asked practically everyone what I should do, and that I wasn’t feeling it, but was worried I might miss out on a good time if I don’t go. Everyone told me to just go, if you don’t enjoy yourself then leave.

Sit With me in my Dog-Hair Covered Bean Bag?

The night started with a miscommunication. I got there before he did, I ended up waiting alone for awhile. He said to tell him when I was leaving, but I instead told him when I got there. Whoops! My bad. When he did arrive he only had one friend, not many like he said before…Already uncomfortable. Then there was the fact that they had no tickets for the event…It was an outdoor concert and they were going to listen on the outside of the fence…Right next to a dang swamp! Bugs, bugs, BUGS! Then the predicament that I forgot to grab a chair before leaving the house. He had a chair… A dog-hair covered bean bag chair…lovely…He insisted I sit next to him on it.. No thanks…His friend was kind of a jerk to me for refusing to sit on it with him…Saying he was just trying to be nice, he was, but I didn’t want to get close to him. They find a solution, that I sit on the cooler. That works for me!

Then things got both SUPER boring and SUPER gross!

They start going on and on and on about (would anyone even guess it?)….cooking. Blah, blah, blah, Rice, blah, blah, seasonings, blah, meat, BLAH! Showing me pictures of their food. Ugh god! I felt like I wanted to die of boredom, but I was drinking a beer so it wasn’t that bad…But then it was! You are not going to believe this…I barely did and I saw it with my two eyes! While they were going on about their cooking snoozefest story…They were (drum-roll please!) scratching their crotches…All in my view…While staring right at me…It wasn’t so much him as it was his friend… It was so repulsive! He wasn’t just scratching the outside of his pants, he was getting up in there! Straight up inside the boxers! And it wasn’t just a one time “I hope they don’t see” moment. He went up in there more times then I was paying attention…I think I can stop there, it’s obvious I left not long after.

Just to put this out there, he was a nice guy, not a pig, although he did smell like booze :(. His friend Scratchy McGee was rude and gross though. I feel bad that I got his hopes up, I guess you learn lessons the hard way sometimes. To just say no.

What I learned:

  • To say no!- It’s a whole lot better than getting some poor guy’s hopes up. Thanks but no thanks. I am so bad at this because they went through the nerve wracking trouble of asking in the first place…I feel bad saying no… But shouldn’t!
  • Be careful with being vulnerable post-break-up- I think my thought pattern was going to this show with him would be better than sitting alone at home thinking about the break-up. Boy, was I wrong!
  • Don’t make yourself an easy target- Boys seem to know when girls are at their most vulnerable, especially after a break-up. Not necessarily him, but they think they can just swoop in. Don’t just give your attention to anybody.
  • Don’t let your loneliness cause you to make bad decisions- You feel bad and lonely now, but you could feel much worse if you act out of that loneliness (one night stands, disaster dates, etc.). For me it was going there, period that was a bad decision. Learn to keep yourself company.
  • If you feel funny about something, there is probably a reason– I’ve always found my gut is always right. I need to listen to it more! Sorry gut for ignoring you for so long!

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