Random Junk #1: Watermelon

With Random Junk I’m going to pick a random noun and then explain what that thing, whatever it is, reminds me of.

For the first Random Junk I choose watermelon because with the 4th just a sleep cycle away I’ve been offered so much watermelon by everyone! Like gosh! There are a number of things watermelon reminds me of.

First off, my featured image is a snapshot from a 90’s gusher commercial on YouTube.

So watermelon reminds me of:

90’s food commercials aimed at children- Watermelon for one is the best favor in candy! Jellybeans, gummies, jolly ranchers, push pops, etc. Gusher commercials with the kids who turn into fruit were always so exceptionally creepy! I am also reminded of a Pop tart commercial for the new wild berry favor where the pop tart is a monster!

Watermelon dresses- I had a hand-me-down watermelon dress from one of my cousins in the early 90’s. I liked the watermelon part of it and felt so cool wearing it, but hated that it was a dress. I think it was about 10 years before I could wear a dress without cringing! To this day I make an effort of wearing bike shorts under my dresses/skirts, let’s face it I ain’t no lady (but you best treat me like one!) I feel restricted otherwise, because tom boys truly never die.

My favorite colors in middle school- I never ever would have thought that I would ever like pink, but that happened. It started after I got a striped shirt with those colors. The shirt was awful looking back! A sleeveless polo, collar and all. Ew! Disney channel is the worst influence, Lizzie McGuire!

The lie adults tell children- I was around 8 years old and was at a church luncheon. A man who knew my grandmother told me not to swallow the seeds because a watermelon would grow inside your stomach. I freaked out for a while about that! I hate when adults purposely mess with how innocent children are.

Wondering why people salt their watermelon- My mom does that and I don’t know why. I’ve met people since who do the same thing and still don’t know why.

Spitting out the seeds at each other- Duh!


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