After a Relationship Ends, this is all that Matters

When it comes to loving someone, there is one thing that matters past the fights, lies, disagreements, and break-ups. Past it all. That’s how much you’ve touched that other persons heart. How you being with them reached their very soul somehow. How you’re the only person that will reach that one certain place in their heart. That fragment in their heart will forever be reserved for you.

Even of you don’t speak anymore there is something special that you left with them. Even if they don’t say it or tell you. They will forever be changed because they knew you and got to love you. That outlasts any breakup, and it’s the intangible things you leave behind with them.

I have a friend that used to date a girl when he was in his late teens. He said she was so awesome that she to this day makes other girls weak in comparison to her. He ended up messing things up, because he was young and inexperienced in relationships. To this day, which is five years later, he speaks of her with such regret and passion. He said if she would one day randomly contact him saying she wanted to try again, that he wouldn’t hesitate for a second. He said he’d even walk to get to her if he had to. I’m using my friends story as an example. She touched him so deeply, he speaks of her with such awe years after they broke up.

It doesn’t matter what happened, or how you two ended, but if the fact they once knew you brings out a spark in their heart, and if you will always be something special that dances around in their memories, that’s all that matters.


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