Songs you Should Know #1: “Too Many Puppies” by Primus

I’m going to start this off by saying I’ve seen Primus live. They had giant blow up mushrooms and a screen that played random videos of things like a cartoon elephant jumping on a trampoline. Amazing show! But I was disappointed they didn’t play “Too Many Puppies”.

It was the first Primus song ever composed by the band in 1990. It’s got heavy chugging riffs and Les Claypool’s awesome goofiness! Primus taught me not to take life so seriously!

But it’s lyrical content is no laughing matter. It’s the bands anti-war views, and the title is a play on words parody of “dogs of war”. The puppies are referring to the barely legal 18 year old men that get drafted off to war. War puppies! I get a visual of the dog from Duck Hunt. I love the over all message of protest, why are we training our young to be killing machines only to potentially get killed themselves all because of the elders(politicians) game?

Snippet of Lyrics-“Too many puppies with guns in their hands, too many puppies in foreign lands”


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