I am Invaded: My Home Life Sucks

I feel a excessive lack of privacy. I feel intruded, Invaded, and without the ability to find a spot that is only mine and my own. Long story short, I still live at home. In my instance home is a strange place. My mother remarried into ignorance and I have been stuck in the middle of my mother’s horrid decision. He has stolen my stuff with my name even on it and even has given it away to his family right in front of me. He has the emotional intelligence and temperament of a three year old. It is a certain hell. He speaks to me like I’m an idiot. Like just because of my gender “a girl must not know”. He views himself as king of the household merely because of his gender. Even places his job status as the most successful in the house even though he has an entry level job stocking shelves, all while my mother went to college to obtain one of her many jobs she has to work because of her decision of marrying him.

We all recently moved and the new place has a workshop shed. I thought we all should share it. I asked if I could put my drum set in there, and he threw a full on tantrum saying he already claimed it. He wanted to make it into a “man cave”. He said I could have the sun room, so it was a deal I guess; however, it is three months later and he does NOT even use the so called ‘man cave” and he goes into MY sun room anyways! Sometimes I’m sitting in here and I see his beady eyes staring through the doorway at me. Like he has to know what’s going on in the room he himself claimed was mine. I just don’t understand. He has no concept of other people’s belongings or space or privacy. For another example he looks in my mini fridge for no reason what so ever other than to just look in there. The mini fridge is…you guessed it, in my sun room….

Just last month I found out he had went into my bedroom while I was at work… Reason why? To mess around with my fan. He, I guess was checking to see if it worked. Why not just ask me instead of intruding on my privacy? Well anyways, one day I came home from work and my globe light on my fan wasn’t turning on. I figured the bulb was out so I bought a cheap lamp for the meantime. A few weeks later I find a switch on my wall I didn’t know was there (it was behind my dresser) and the light came on along with my fan, and guess what? I had NEVER used the fan before. I was livid! And the intrusion happened again today… After I came home from work I find that all the tabs on my computer were closed when I had left them open and there was some activity around 4:30 when I was at work. It seems as someone was trying to use my computer but couldn’t figure it out. And he was the only one home…It’s that kind of thing I don’t understand. No sense of right or wrong. No sense of respect for other’s belongings. I just don’t get it. You’re a grown ass man, act like one already! I know damn sure that I need to get out of here! Soon before it does me in. END RANT


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