Usually in Dreams you Eventually Wake up and I Hope I Never do

I’m human, I get in funks. You kind of have to, to be able to appreciate the rainbow after the storm.

With you the funk isn’t as bad as it could be.

You give me a sense of comfort and clarity.

I feel like my human emotions are okay and natural, when I always have in the past been made to feel like they were wrong or not normal or irrational.

My haze from last night happens sometimes. My emotions are like seasons, but the bad ones always pass.

When I was giving myself a hard time you assured me it was okay and that you’d be patient, empathetic, and caring toward my self-inflicted frustration.

With you, I want to be my best self, my 100%, but you always manage to make me feel accepted regardless if I’m not.

I have never had anyone work with my strange funks so well, or even ever in my life. It gives me hope!

I have always been alone emotionally, and…the best way to describe physically is I have always been alone in the crowd. But with you I never felt alone. With you I don’t have to feel alone anymore.

I’m truly blessed. I mean WE are blessed.

No one has ever cared so much about the way I was feeling, everyone was always about themselves.

I never had anyone so intrigued with my interests, I had only been given disinterest or body language that told me it was time to shut up.

I never had anyone make an actual meaningful effort, or even as simple as planning things in advance. Nor have I ever had anyone write me anything straight from the heart ❤

I already knew I was capable, worthy, deserving, and awesome to have in this kind of partnership, but you make me believe it further than I ever could have believed.

And you are all the same as me.

There were times I worried, but that is expected. Usually in dreams you eventually wake up and I hope I never do.

It’s funny, from the moment we met it felt as if I knew you, that I knew you for my whole life. It’s a strange phenomenon. It’s almost super natural. An interstellar connection. Something science cannot explain.

It just feels right. Effortless. Beautiful, natural, serene, euphoric, and…ya you know!

I feel like I’m gushing, but for some reason I’m not worried about it.

I’m not worried about being over the top or fearing a negative reaction to how I feel. This is how I feel and for once I am not afraid to express it to it’s fullest.

I’m yours and your mine, and your mine and I’m yours. Sappy, sappy, I know.

You’re just gonna have to deal with it 😉 aha I know you gladly will.

We have so much to do, experience, conquer, learn, explore, overcome, and grow together.

I can’t explain the excitement. There isn’t a word.

This is the beginning of our universe as a unit.

Can’t wait to see where our voyage takes us.

Alas until next time 🙂


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