In Hindsight: I Should have Left Sooner

I should have left sooner. The signs were there. Red flags were flying. I ignored them, every...single...time. This doesn't apply to just one relationship, it applies to all the relationships I've ever had. Let's face it, I'm a sucker! But I'm changing that to the past tense. I was a sucker! Sometimes it sadly takes repeated mistakes … Continue reading In Hindsight: I Should have Left Sooner


News Flash! Site Update

I made a few new features and categories, now let's see how well I will be at keeping them up! I've tried the "(blabbity blab) of the week" thing before but I got lazy. These will be less strict then a week/month thing. Can't do it, I forfeit! The hardest thing for me and the … Continue reading News Flash! Site Update