Random Junk #2: Aliens!

Aliens remind me of: Irrational fear of being abducted- When I was a kid my bed was right in front of the window, and I lived on a dead end road next to a wooded area. The only neighbor that had a view of our house was our across the street neighbors, but they were … Continue reading Random Junk #2: Aliens!


Dinosaurs are my Co-pilots

Happened totally by accident, and I bought them at different times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a 90's kid that grew up in the age of Jurassic Park mania so how can I not like dinosaurs!? I work at a thrift shop and came across the T Rex first. I've collected … Continue reading Dinosaurs are my Co-pilots

Random Junk #1: Watermelon

With Random Junk I'm going to pick a random noun and then explain what that thing, whatever it is, reminds me of. For the first Random Junk I choose watermelon because with the 4th just a sleep cycle away I've been offered so much watermelon by everyone! Like gosh! There are a number of things … Continue reading Random Junk #1: Watermelon

A Trip to the Fair: Follow me into the Chaos

If you look back in my blog, you'll see I like to take pictures. Every year I go to the North Carolina State-fair, and for the last two years, I started taking my camera . Sometimes when I take pictures, there is something in particular that I intend to capture. With the fair or crowd setting I … Continue reading A Trip to the Fair: Follow me into the Chaos

A Random List of Songs I Like

It's got 48 songs because after that I was done, this took so long! This sort of list was challenging because of ranking songs with different genres, eras, and moods, and so many could be tied. Some of the songs lyrics aren't as notable as others. but I have lyrics listed for all. I also … Continue reading A Random List of Songs I Like