Random Junk #1: Watermelon

With Random Junk I'm going to pick a random noun and then explain what that thing, whatever it is, reminds me of. For the first Random Junk I choose watermelon because with the 4th just a sleep cycle away I've been offered so much watermelon by everyone! Like gosh! There are a number of things … Continue reading Random Junk #1: Watermelon


News Flash! Site Update

I made a few new features and categories, now let's see how well I will be at keeping them up! I've tried the "(blabbity blab) of the week" thing before but I got lazy. These will be less strict then a week/month thing. Can't do it, I forfeit! The hardest thing for me and the … Continue reading News Flash! Site Update

A Trip to the Fair: Follow me into the Chaos

If you look back in my blog, you'll see I like to take pictures. Every year I go to the North Carolina State-fair, and for the last two years, I started taking my camera . Sometimes when I take pictures, there is something in particular that I intend to capture. With the fair or crowd setting I … Continue reading A Trip to the Fair: Follow me into the Chaos

A Random Number(48) of My Favorite Songs

It's got 48 songs because after that I was done, this took so long! This sort of list was challenging because of ranking songs with different genres, eras, and moods, and so many could be tied. Some of the songs lyrics aren't as notable as others. but I have lyrics listed for all. I also … Continue reading A Random Number(48) of My Favorite Songs

Room a Thousand Years Wide

After a while of trying to decide what to name my blog, I decided with Room a Thousand Years Wide. I had to go with something not too specific to a single topic being I'm probably going to blab on here about about hobbies. They range from missing persons and unidentified persons, extinction, abandoned amusement … Continue reading Room a Thousand Years Wide