Hope Every Slip is not a Slide

Sometimes I slip, and in life you have to hope every slip is not a slide. With you, you make me not fear the fall. Falling is a risk, but life would be pretty bland without risk. You make the outcome of the risk outweigh the fear. With you the risk is beautiful.


Do Away with Your Expectations of Others

Expectations equals disappointment This is real life This is reality Not a fantasy land and definitely not a fairy tale Every single life form is different Everything has different combinations of components, molecules, and DNA And different habits, behaviors, and traits It’s funny we are all so different, but at the same time are all … Continue reading Do Away with Your Expectations of Others

Usually in Dreams you Eventually Wake up and I Hope I Never do

I’m human, I get in funks. You kind of have to, to be able to appreciate the rainbow after the storm. With you the funk isn’t as bad as it could be. You give me a sense of comfort and clarity. I feel like my human emotions are okay and natural, when I always have … Continue reading Usually in Dreams you Eventually Wake up and I Hope I Never do

I am Invaded: My Home Life Sucks

I feel a excessive lack of privacy. I feel intruded, Invaded, and without the ability to find a spot that is only mine and my own. Long story short, I still live at home. In my instance home is a strange place. My mother remarried into ignorance and I have been stuck in the middle … Continue reading I am Invaded: My Home Life Sucks

Nature Inspired Soul Searching

I just was staring at the plants in my sun room and realized that I am like the plants and the plants are just like me. Except for the fact that the plants rely fully on me to keep them alive. It is similar relating to me in a way. My soul relies on me … Continue reading Nature Inspired Soul Searching

Notes from Being With Him

Communicate without words Simultaneously Lack of wondering, full of wonder Whirlwind Familiar/comfort Vulnerable feeling but at the same time safe Risks worth taking Shares inner world Choppy Current=Growth Inner calm Separate identities -> face world as one Parts of the same whole Timing Magical Blooms Keep open mind/heart When they knock answer the door More … Continue reading Notes from Being With Him