Random Junk #2: Aliens!

Aliens remind me of: Irrational fear of being abducted- When I was a kid my bed was right in front of the window, and I lived on a dead end road next to a wooded area. The only neighbor that had a view of our house was our across the street neighbors, but they were … Continue reading Random Junk #2: Aliens!


My Mind is the Only Mind that Can Exist by my Perception

It's called solipsism. It is the philosophical belief that your own mind is the only mind that can exist or is known to exist. It kind of seems like "no way" since it is obvious that other minds surely exist, but it makes so much sense when you look at it in a perceptional aspect. … Continue reading My Mind is the Only Mind that Can Exist by my Perception

Dinosaurs are my Co-pilots

Happened totally by accident, and I bought them at different times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a 90's kid that grew up in the age of Jurassic Park mania so how can I not like dinosaurs!? I work at a thrift shop and came across the T Rex first. I've collected … Continue reading Dinosaurs are my Co-pilots

Songs you Should Know #1: “Too Many Puppies” by Primus

I'm going to start this off by saying I've seen Primus live. They had giant blow up mushrooms and a screen that played random videos of things like a cartoon elephant jumping on a trampoline. Amazing show! But I was disappointed they didn't play "Too Many Puppies". It was the first Primus song ever composed … Continue reading Songs you Should Know #1: “Too Many Puppies” by Primus

Random Junk #1: Watermelon

With Random Junk I'm going to pick a random noun and then explain what that thing, whatever it is, reminds me of. For the first Random Junk I choose watermelon because with the 4th just a sleep cycle away I've been offered so much watermelon by everyone! Like gosh! There are a number of things … Continue reading Random Junk #1: Watermelon

Bird Sightings from 2015

    I have developed an interest in birds recently; in fact, I've grown quite fond of those feathered critters. I live in a really good area for sightings because I live near a creek, a park, and a generally wooded area. Just yesterday I started documenting my sightings, but I remember some earlier sightings … Continue reading Bird Sightings from 2015

Abandoned Gas Station

Across the street from where I¬†work occasionally (I work as a landscaper and maintain several different locations) there is an abandoned gas station called Azalea Service Center on Wrightsville Ave in Wilmington, North Carolina. I found out it was defunct when one of my co-workers suggested I get a water there on a particularly hot … Continue reading Abandoned Gas Station